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If you have ever inhaled a 420 please like this so I can call the police

I just finished The Pillow Book of Sei Shōnagon and idk what to do with my life now. I guess I’ll rest my eyes a bit and later see what I have that I haven’t read.

I hate when you’re reading a translated book and the translator makes a note after an interesting phrase saying ‘There is a series of puns too complicated for explanation’. Okay, if that’s so then don’t fucking tell me if you’re not gonna fucking explain it. Ruins my damn mood.

It’s good she repents after this but DAMN SHONAGON U R A QUEEN B

A recitant [of the scriptures] ought to be good-looking. It is only if it is a pleasure to keep one’s eyes on him all the time that there is any chance of religious feeling being aroused. Otherwise one begins looking at something else and soon one’s attention wanders from what he is reading; in which case ugliness becomes an actual cause of sin.
Sei Shonagon ←

I must always come first in people’s affections. Otherwise, I would far rather be hated or even maltreated. In fact, I would rather die than be loved but come second or third.
Sei Shonagon ←

It is of great convenience that all of one’s servants should be handsome. Then if they happen to tear their clothes or make themselves in any way shabby or untidy, it is more likely to be overlooked.
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